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This is a White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen ,The clever streamline design makes handle-less doors easy to open ensuring a clean run of units and a simple style that will always be on trend. Add a touch of glamour with a glossy finish.

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White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen


This is a White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen ,The clever streamline design makes handle-less doors easy to open ensuring a clean run of units and a simple style that will always be on trend. Add a touch of glamour with a glossy finish. For the designer touch, pair with elegant appliances. A perfect base for any interior design, keep it simple or dress it up with stylish worktops and tiles to personalize your kitchen. White and wood grain color is eternal and never old fashion.

White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen


White Kitchen Cabinets drawer makes the remodeling of your kitchen or any room easier and better organized.

Cabinet Kitchen Cabinet Corner systems let you maximize storage in hard to reach corner cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Pantry unit is flexible and can be adapted to suit virtually any kitchen.

New Kitchen Cabinets Wall cabinet free up more drawer space and use wall cabinet to enlarge kitchen space

Parameter of White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen



White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen


White Kitchen Cabinets,Modern Kitchen Cabinets,New Kitchen Cabinets,

Kitchen Island Cabinet,Cabinet Kitchen Cabinet

Carcase material


Carcase thickness


Carcase color

Generally in White

Door material


Door finished


Door thickness


Countertop material

Quartz/Solid Surface/Marble/Granite (Natural or Artificial)


Branded drawer,cutlery,corner basket,pull out pantry,spic rack

Size & design

Custom size &Design

Lower cabinet standard size

D580mm*H720mm, D600mm*H762mm(Customized)

Upper cabinet standard size

D320mm*H720mm (Customized)

Tall cabinet standard size

D: 600mm or 580mm,H: 2100mm or 2300mm (Customized)


Detials of White Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Veneer Kitchen


①Eco-friendly particle board/plywood

All our panels comply with emission class European E1 and meet the stringent California Air Resources Board(CARB) emissions standards.(Formaldehyde emission<=0.08mg/m3)


②Perfect melamine Edge banding and per-drill hole

The benefits of the four-sided edge-sealing cabinet design are not only to reduce the release of formaldehyde, but also to prevent moisture from entering the board substrate to prevent deformation.


③Cabinet connect hardware


Cooperate with international top brands: BLUM &DTC. 50 years of service life. Passing 200,000 opening and closing cycle test.Also cooperate with top brand Kitchen accessories supplier such as HIGOLD,NUOMI. We constantly develop and innovate, develop more intelligent, convenient and fashionable kitchen storage system hardware customization solutions for the whole house custom. From design, quality to service, we constantly improve J&S’s products value, create value for customers, and realize high-quality home life for more families.



Cooperating with German Machinery and production software by HOMAG® and using best quality materials and intelligent machine,J&S's products maintain high quality with strongly competitive price.

1.Cutting Machine

Which affect the size accuracy, we use CNC high-precision material opener can control the error of ±0.5mm. We use the computer to control the panel cutting, equipped with IPC and software connection, to achieve automatic, digital cutting.

2.Modelling Machine

The key to stability of cabinet is the slotting.Here you can decide your kitchen door modelling.

3.Auto Edge banding Machine

We use Germany import HOMAGE edge banding machine, advanced  technology, to ensure quality and aesthetic.Good edge banding also stop the bad smelly spreading.

4.Auto Drilling Machine

Cabinet assembling  depends on hole drilling, Very strict on  dimensional precision, if has 0.5mm error it will be able to cause cabinet couldn't be assembled.

5.Panel sorting and QC

To avoid missing or wrong sizes.Details is everything,details is key to the cabinet quality.

6.Cleaning & Packing

Good packing material and protects to ensure that it won't be crashed or broken in transit.As for large project,coloured label is to help workers to identify this package for which unit or floor.


Professional logistics department well arrange the shipment ,all docs will be sorted accurately and timely.

Oversea project case for kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,bathroom vanity


Source your cabinetry for your project with one stop solution;

10 years oversea project experience;more than 2,000 completed projects worldwide;

Keep you from dealing with many suppliers for different items your project needs;

Enable you to get more preferential price for whole house project package;

Free you from worrying about capacity and delivery of different suppliers.



Q. About After-sales service?

A: If you have any question about how to install kitchen cabinets, we will instruct step by step until installation succeed.

Or if anything broken in the delivery, you can take a photo to us, we will make a new part for you for free.

Q:How long does it take for an order?

Usually 25-35 days,if large QTY will be produce by batches.

Q:Where is your factory?

In Foshan City ,it is about one hour by car from Pazhou (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall)

Q:What kinds of kitchen cabinet you are providing?


Q:What doors you have?

Melamine,PVC,Thermofoil,UV,Lacquer PETG,Acrylic,Wood veneer

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