How to choose the wardrobe handle

As an important part of the wardrobe, the handle is usually indispensable, and if the handle is not selected, it is easy to reduce the grade of the wardrobe. So, how should the handle be selected?

Common styles of wardrobe handles

1. Long handle

Friends who like the minimalist style, must not miss the long handle, this kind of handle is mostly dark, with a light-colored wardrobe, high-end atmosphere.

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2. Round handle

The button-type handle is simple and delicate, which can make the whole space more concise, and at the same time a little more playful and flexible.

3. Arc handle

The arc-shaped handle is the most common and the most classic. It is a type that is basically error-free in any combination and is also very practical.

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4. Copper handle

Copper handles are generally used in light luxury styles, and the copper texture will set the entire space exquisite, high-end and gorgeous.

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5. No handle

Now the door without handle is gradually becoming popular. The hidden handle is used instead of the handle, which is simple and fashionable.

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How to choose the wardrobe handle

1. Look at the color

When choosing a handle, it depends on whether there are protective films and scratches, the surface color of the handle, different types of handles will show different colors. For example, the color of the handle of the sanding wardrobe will be slightly dull but not old, and the semi-sand will have a straight dividing line at the junction of the bright and sanding.

2. Look at the feel

When choosing a handle, focus on the experience, whether the handle surface is smooth, whether the edge is cut, whether the handle is smooth, and if it is smooth and smooth, it is basically a good quality handle.

3. Listen to the sound

Lightly tap the handle tube with a hard puller. If the sound is relatively crisp, the thickness is sufficient. If the sound is dull, it is a thin tube.

4. Choose a brand

At any time, the brand is the best guarantee.

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