Tips for designing kitchen cabinet storage space

I believe many people have such an annoyance. They obviously used the bottle of seasoning yesterday, but they disappeared after cooking today.

Whether it is at home or in the kitchen, it is not uncommon to find things, so new things are added. When you do hygiene or inadvertently, you will find that there are a lot of the same things in the home, and the amount is really amazing.

In fact, this unnecessary waste and inconvenience arise because we don't have a more systematic way of storing.

If some items, such as the seasonings in the kitchen, are classified in a fixed place, then it is easy to find the seasoning when cooking, and then put it back in the original position after use.

The existence of the kitchen is to please life. 

The kitchen design is more sophisticated with an internal storage system, and some friends are very confused: I know that the cabinet has a better storage performance, but I don't know what kind of cabinet storage performance is good.


Today we will talk about the tips of the cabinet design in storage:

1. The corner space of the cabinet has always been a dead zone for daily use, so improving space utilization is the top priority. The corner cart can solve this problem very well.

The corner cart maximizes the use of corner space, the push-pull design is practical and beautiful, and it is also quite convenient and flexible to use. Usually you can store some snacks and drinks that don't need to be put in the refrigerator.

2. Whether the cabinet meets the built-in appliances, occupying a very important position for the overall practicality, aesthetics, and space utilization of the kitchen.

The built-in appliances can reduce the footprint of the appliances in the kitchen on the one hand, and allow more space for flexible use when idle.

What's more important is that it is on the same horizontal moving line as the operation platform, which is convenient and flexible to operate without any burden.

3. Design multiple sets of drawers.

The drawer is definitely the most cost-effective investment in cabinet customization. It is too much to use only laminates! Do not! square! Poop! Here, Xiao Ou recommends you to cut it out and try to install more drawers.

When it comes to drawer storage, the point is to reasonably divide the space. The simple understanding is: with storage boxes, dividers, cutlery trays and other tools to sort and store, you can really be organized.

4. Design multiple pull basket units.

In addition to drawers, pull baskets are a good helper for kitchen storage. Here are some practical baskets for you to choose according to your own cabinet situation.

① stove pull basket

In the new year, you can use various pots, such as soup pots, stews, woks ... At this time, it is most suitable to put them in the pull basket under the stove.

② Dish pull basket

Many dishes are used every day in the New Year. The countertop is not enough to put them in the cabinet. If you are afraid of water droplets, set a layer of flap under the pull basket to solve it perfectly.

③ seasoning pull basket

If you want to learn to cook more delicious food, a variety of seasonings are indispensable. Various bottles and jars appear cluttered on the countertop. A seasoning basket can be perfectly solved, and large and small bottles can be placed neatly.

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