Advantages and installation steps of modular wardrobes

       The combination wardrobe is a relatively popular household product nowadays, and is favored by many young people because of its convenient disassembly and assembly. Today I will talk about the advantages and installation steps of the modular wardrobe. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Advantages of modular wardrobes

Because modular furniture can make the whole home style more integrated and make life more convenient, it also combines a series of elements such as fashion and trend. It not only has multi-function, but also has very novel styles, and it is also very environmentally friendly. Especially the modular wardrobe, it is very convenient to buy it first, and it is good to place an order directly online. After that, you can combine it according to your own needs. If you want more cabinets, you can install more cabinets. It is versatile and has a small footprint. If you move later, it is also very convenient to disassemble.

modular wardrobes

Modular wardrobe installation steps

1, first install the base plate

We all know that no matter what you do, it is important to lay the foundation first, so installing a modular wardrobe is the same. If the bottom of the wardrobe is not installed properly, the structure of the entire wardrobe will be very unstable. It is easy to affect future use, so when installing the bottom plate, the various interfaces should be installed as much as possible. After the installation is completed, gently push it with your hands. The installation is done without shaking.

2, Install the back plate

The modular wardrobe should be especially important when installing the back panel, and the angle between the back panel and the bottom plate must be kept at a right angle of 90 degrees. If there is no way to estimate, you can use a measurement tool to measure.

3. Install side plate

Everyone knows that the two sides of the side plate must be connected to the bottom plate and the back plate. The three plates must be directly 90 degrees from each other, so if the previous installation is inclined, it will be step by step wrong.

4. Install the top plate

As the name suggests, the top plate is the top of the wardrobe. When installing, pay special attention to the stability and firmness of the two interfaces. After installation, the entire wardrobe frame is completed.

5.Install the remaining parts

After all the frames of the modular wardrobe have been installed, the drawers, shelves, doors, and other components can be returned to their positions. After all of them have been installed, a fashionable wardrobe will appear.

The above is the introduction of the advantages and installation steps of the modular wardrobe. I hope everyone will understand the advantages and installation steps of the modular wardrobe, which will be helpful to everyone.