Do a good job of these home design, stay 5 years are not behind The Times, happiness is good!

The popular trend of building is decorated anyone's guess, guess, just like the previous two years is still popular crystal lamp, was replaced by simple dome light to it now, so when decorate should be on the wave of the future must be forecast, can't let yourself hard small half a year, at the same time spent hundreds of thousands of to a good house, not live in does not follow to go up in a year or two, is behind The Times.

Solid color TV wall

Speaking of TV wall, for most people, believe that should be done to have a characteristic, because this is often the family to decorate the "window".

Because of this, so many people make TV very complicated, so that it looks different, but also feel classy.

But now if the decoration, or at every turn spent eight thousand children in the home to do a complex TV wall, it is very outdated, can be said to belong to spend money.

At present, for the design of the TV wall, the popular is the solid color background wall, which is not less money, but also can present a better simple beauty.

At the same time as now the aura in the home television recede, some families can be installed directly on projector, right now need light color wall to serve as projection cloth to use, wall of solid color TV is the best design.

The white wall is used as the curtain, and the way of watching the film is projection, which brings a very comfortable visual feeling.

Floor tile dormintory

The previous two years also in the "Jane European wind, American, Mediterranean wind...... When, the floor tile shop is often like to make a variety of modeling shop, and then feel particularly good-looking.

If now the decoration still adhere to the floor tile design, so it is not out of time, can not keep up with the trend of decoration, which is to spend unjustly money.

The current popular floor tile paving, can be said to be just a simple change, but it has brought great changes to life, and this is the future of the mainstream of the floor paving, the next 5 years is still the trend, will not fall behind, but will be praised.

The spread is not to do any modeling, direct shop paste, so that not only has a very good atmospheric effect, and the price is cheap, so that the home will not appear messy.

When floor tile shop sticks, do not forget to put aside gap, this is to prevent ceramic tile heat expands cold shrink. If there is no special requirement, the width of the tile seam should be about 1.5mm, and it is recommended to be about 1.5-2mm, so that it is convenient to make a beautiful seam for the tile.

With such a floor tile to reserve cracks, even if they do the United States are very convenient, and the United States can also be better retained in the gap, not easy to fall off.


Toilet is normally in 4-5 square left and right sides, besides the Wei Yu that must use, basically do not have too much receive a space to be available, receive is toilet problem difficulty all the time so.

For this, when decorating before, it is very popular to be in corner device content is worn, because such can be solved receive a problem, very convenient still at the same time.

Until now this still is toilet solves a kind of good method that receives a problem, but this can solve receives a problem only, do not speak of aesthetic feeling, cannot accomplish practical and beautiful sex coexist.

Because when decorating now, the position that can use sewer duct to make niche design in toilet, such can solve receive a problem, still having very good beautiful sex at the same time.

To niche for, it does not occupy a space, still won't appear when using the bad phenomenon that resembles buy content to encounter the body easily, so practical is better.

This kind of durable niche things, and therefore become the toilet in the "big man".